Learn How To Defrost A Window A/C Unit And Clean The Condenser Coil

30 July 2015
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If the front of your air conditioning unit is frosting up and not blowing cool air through the vents, the condenser coil may have pieces of debris stuck between the metal pieces. Learn how to clean this vital part with the following steps so that your unit works the proper way.

Use The Following Items

  • towel
  • hair dryer
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • fin tool
  • condenser coil cleaner
  • steel wool pad
  • lint free cloths
  • soapy water

​Defrost The Unit And Dry The Condenser Coil

Turn off the power to the unit to begin the defrosting process. Lay a towel on the floor in front of the unit to collect water as it drips down. Remove the cover to the air conditioner. Aim a hairdryer that is adjusted to a high setting over the front of the condenser coil to speed up the defrosting process.

After the frost is removed, place the hose to a wet/dry vacuum cleaner over the front of the condenser coil, moving it back and forth while the vacuum cleaner is turned on high. Moisture and debris that is trapped between the metal parts of the condenser coil will be collected.

Straighten Metal Pieces And Remove Surface Dirt

Bent metal pieces on the condenser coil can prevent air from flowing through the vents in your unit. Straighten them by adjusting the end of a fin tool underneath them and pressing them back into shape. Apply an even coating of condenser coil cleaner across the surface of the condenser coil. Allow the cleaner to penetrate for several minutes so that debris on the coil's surface is loosened.

Scrub the front of the condenser coil with a steel wool pad. After all of the dirt has been removed, wipe the condenser coil's surface off with a damp cloth, followed by a dry lint free cloth.

Empty The Condensation Pan And Turn On The Unit

Locate the condensation pan underneath the condenser coil and gently pull it forward. Empty the pan and rinse it out with soapy water before replacing it. Turn the power back on to the air conditioner and adjust it to a comfortable temperature. If your air conditioner is blowing out cool air the way that it normally does and you no longer see any frost forming across the front of it, the problem has been resolved. Clean the condenser coil a couple times a year to prevent it from becoming clogged in the future.