Saving On Your Heating And Cooling Bills

3 August 2015
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If you own your own home or pay for your gas and electric while renting, you will want to do whatever necessary to save on the cost of heating and cooling if possible. There are several ways you can make your home more efficient, saving you several dollars in the process. Here are some methods for lowering the cost you will pay for your gas and electric that involve doing simple tasks around your home.

Check For Drafts

Gaps around windows and doors waste heat and air conditioning in large quantities. To avoid allowing your energy to seep outside, fill in these areas using caulk or weather-stripping. To find the spots causing leakage, use a lit incense stick to test. Simply place the tip of the stick near the crack around your closed door or window and move it slowly along in the air along the perimeter of the entryway. If you notice flickering during your test, this area is in need of a filler to keep your temperature as you wish it to stay inside.

Use Appliances Wisely

All appliances give off heat. In cooler weather, after you cook your dinner, open up your stove so any remaining heat will come into the room to help keep your furnace from turning on as quickly. In the summertime when temperatures soar, limit your appliance usage to overnight hours to help keep your air conditioning from coming on unnecessarily. Opt to cook outdoors and hang your clothing up to dry instead of using your drier. Wash dishes by hand. Have family members spend more time outdoors and less watching televisions or using computers, as even small appliances will increase the temperature around them. 

Monitor The Thermostat

Turning down your thermostat a degree or two in the wintertime will save you money on heating costs. Do the opposite in the summer and keep the thermostat set a few degrees higher than you usually would to keep your air conditioning from coming on often. Consider purchasing a programmable thermostat to help keep temperatures where you want them during the day. You can change the settings to be more comfortable when people are at home.

Use Only What You Need

If you have rooms in your home that are not being used, close the vents inside of them so that central air conditioning or heat will not be directed into that area. This will help push the air into areas where it is needed most. Adding and removing layers of clothing will keep you comfortable without the need to adjust the temperature within your home.

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