2 Reasons to Choose Central Air over a Window-Mounted Unit

10 August 2015
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Picking a new air conditioner for your home can be a bit tricky, especially when you consider that there are many types of systems available. A central air unit is one of the best options available, mainly because it offers a few advantages that many of the other unit types simply cannot match. Consider installing a central air unit if you want an air conditioner that is quiet and energy efficient.


One of the biggest advantages that a central air unit has is the fact that the system is actually installed outside of your home. The reason that this is so beneficial is that an air conditioner can be extremely noisy, especially once the compressor turns on in order to provide you with cool air. Since the system is outside when you install central air, the noise of the compressor is very unlikely to bother you when you are inside your home.

When you install a window-mounted unit, the sound of the air conditioner is going to be in the same room with you. Sure, a portion of the air conditioner is still going to be outside of the house, but anyone in the room is still going to be subjected to a lot of noise. The loud noise will not only make it more difficult to carry on a conversation at a decent volume, but it can also drown out your television or stereo.

Energy Efficient

One big problem that can come up when utilizing a window-mounted unit is that you will need to have multiple units installed and running if you want to keep your home cool. This is because most of the window-mounted units on the market are designed to only cool a single room, so you will need one in every room that you want to cool. All of these units running at once can really cause your utility bills to increase quite a bit.

With a central air system, you will only need a single unit to cool your entire home, which is more energy efficient than having multiple window-mounted units. In addition, a central air system is going to be efficient because it will cool your home down quite rapidly, which will allow you to turn it on less frequently.

Speak to an HVAC contractor today, such as one found at websites like http://www.nowha.com/, to discuss if central air is the best choice for your home. A central air unit is a great choice because it is both energy efficient and quiet.