4 Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool While Your AC Is Getting Fixed

21 September 2015
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If your air conditioning is down and you have an indoor dog, you need to make sure that your dog stays cool until your air conditioning is fixed. Here are a few ways to keep your dog cool while your air conditioning technician fixes your unit.

Set Up A Cool Room

The first thing you should do is set up a cool room for your dog to hang out in while your air conditioner is getting fixed. If your air conditioning broke down today, keep your windows shut in order to retain as much cool air as possible. If you have curtains or blinds in the room, keep the closed to keep the heat out. Finally, set up a fan to keep your dog cool.

Provide Your Dog With Plenty Of Water

Since your house is going to be hotter than normal, your dog is most likely going to drink more water than they normally do. In order to accommodate your dog, make sure that you set them up with additional sources of fresh and cool water. This will help your dog regulate their body temperature and stay cool in your warm house.

Give Them A Cooling Bed

Your dog's regular bed may be a little too warm when your air conditioner is down. You can keep your dog cool even when they want to relax while your air conditioning is being fixed by providing them with a cooling bed. A cooling bed is just as soft and comfortable as a regular dog bed; however, it is filled with either a gel material or with water in order to make it a little cooler than a regular bed. When your dog wants to relax, a cooling bed will keep their body temperature down and allow them to relax even when your house is hot.

Run Them A Cold Bath

Finally, if your dog is really hot, you can run them a cool bath or fill a kiddie-pool outside with cool water from your garden hose. This will give your dog a chance to have a little fun and cool off at the same time. The water will help drop your dog's body temperature, and will help them get through a hot day inside more easily.

While your air conditioning is getting fixed, use a combination of the tips and suggestions above to keep your dog cool and avoid a heat stroke. 

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