3 Heating And Energy Solutions With Biomass Boilers For Your Home

8 February 2016
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If you want an affordable energy solution for your home, biomass boilers can offer you many solutions. They can give you a way to heat your home and hot water, as well as a district heating system for multiple buildings and large properties. Here are some of the energy solutions that you may want to consider for your biomass boiler:

1. Heating Your Home With An Outdoor Boiler And Firewood

You may want to heat your home with firewood if you have it available. Today, there are modern wood burning boilers designed to do this. These boilers can be outdoor systems that come in many different sizes. If you have a small property with just your home and maybe a garage to heat, a smaller boiler will be enough to provide you with the heating you need. If you have a larger property like a homestead or farm, you may want to consider a larger system, which can be used for district heating for many different structures. The larger boilers can also be a good solution for dealing with forestry and agricultural waste, which you can turn into fuel for your home.

2. Using A Biomass Boiler For Hot Water In Addition To Heating

In addition to providing your home with heating, a biomass boiler can also be used for hot water. This can be done with the addition of a coil to heat hot water separately from the heating system. It can also be a tank that is in the same boiler for sanitary uses. If you also use your boiler for hot water needs, you will want to make sure that the temperature is set at a safe level, especially if you have small children. To further protect your kids, you can also hire a professional who specializes in insulation services to protect your pipes. 

3. Biomass Boilers For An Affordable District Heating Solution For Your Home

If you are looking for a heating system that can provide heating to your home and other structures, biomass boilers are a great solution for district heating. The same system can heat your home and your garage, which will help you save energy. If you have greenhouses or other buildings that need minimal heating, you can also use your boiler for these heating systems. This can be a lot more affordable than having a separate heating system installed for each individual building.

These are some of the biomass energy solutions to consider for your homestead. If you are ready for a cost-effective heating solution, contact a heating contractor and talk with them about installing a biomass boiler for your home.