Tips For Getting The Most Of Fireplace Ownership

26 January 2017
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Owning a fireplace creates a beautiful experience for any home. People love fireplaces because they are excellent pieces of architecture, help to keep your home warm, and can save you an incredible amount of money on heating bills. However, these fireplaces also come with a certain measure of maintenance requirements. In order to get all that you can out of owning a fireplace, follow these strategies and begin reaching out to fireplace repair contractors at companies like A One Heating & Air Conditioning in your city. 

Realize When Your Fireplace Is Becoming A Great Liability

When it comes to owning a fireplace, a big part of ownership is knowing when you need to rebuild or replace your fireplace and chimney as a whole. A fireplace that is structurally falling apart or that has been in existence for several years may do more harm than good and become a fire hazard. And inspections of your fireplace will allow you to always stay on top of this sort of issue and let you know when it is time to install a brand-new fireplace, as opposed to just maintaining your current one. You might expect to pay up to $3000 to rebuild your chimney and revamp your fireplace.

Keep Your Fireplace Clean And Well Maintained

Knowing how to care for your fireplace on a day-to-day and week-by-week basis is half the battle for a homeowner. First of all, use nothing but high-quality chopped lumber in a wood-burning stove, and don't simply discard your debris in your fireplace. Make sure you are always rotating logs and consistently changing them out altogether. Bring in a professional fireplace repair technician periodically to clean your fireplace and sweep your chimney. Professional chimney sweeping services can cost between approximately $80 and $200, depending on the service required and professionals you touch base with.

Install A Carbon Monoxide Monitor

Be sure that you keep your household safe any time that you own a fireplace. Aside from a natural fire hazard, operating a fireplace in an enclosed area increases the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why you need to always be sure your fireplace is properly ventilated and that you have a carbon monoxide alarm installed and working around the clock. You can get one of these monitors installed for upward of $130.

Consider these three points and begin reaching out to fireplace contractors who will assist you further.