How To Clean Your Condenser Unit

27 January 2017
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If you want to ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning system, there are several several things you can do. Perhaps the easiest way to preserve the efficiency and lifespan of your condenser unit is to keep it covered during the winter months. This is obviously a very simple thing, but most homeowners fail to do so. As a result, several components within the condenser unit can deteriorate faster than they should. Usually, this won't immediately destroy your condenser unit, but it will usually make it less efficient. If you have failed to cover your condenser unit over the last few years, this article will be very helpful. It will instruct you on how to clean and service your condenser to make it a little more efficient.

Cut the Power

Before you do any work on your condenser, you definitely want to cut the power. The biggest concern is having your unit power on while you are trying to work on it. Of course, you don't want the fan motor powering on while you have your condenser opened up. Most units can only be shut off by finding the breaker switch.

Cleaning the Fan Compartment

Once your unit is powered off, you can start to clean the fan compartment. First, you should remove the metal bird guard on the top of the unit. This guard stops most large debris from getting inside the fan compartment, but it will not prevent leaves, dirt, and other small debris. All you have to do is remove the card and then use a heavy-duty hose vacuum to suck out all the dirt and leaves on the floor of the condenser. You can also use a damp rag to wipe down the side walls and fan blades. If you notice any rust formation on your fan blades, they might need to be professionally replaced. Basically, you should try to make your fan compartment as clean as possible and then reattach the bird guard.  

Cleaning the Coils

The last thing you need to do before powering your condenser unit back on is to clean the coils. The coils are the metal rows on the outside walls of the unit. These can similarly get clogged with dirt and dust. The best way to clean them out is to just spray them down with water. If water alone doesn't seem to be doing the trick, you might need to spray on some sort of all-purpose cleaning liquid to help break it down. 

If you keep your coil condenser covered during the winter months, this cleaning will be even easier. For more information, contact a company like Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc.