Why Is My HVAC Noisy?

27 January 2017
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A noisy HVAC system may be annoying, but it is also potentially very worrisome if you're concerned that a major problem is occurring. Here are some of the potential sources of HVAC noise and what you can do about them.

Is it the Motor Running?

First of all, problems with the motor may cause a significant, constant loud buzzing or rumbling from your furnace. Of course, some noise is normal, but if you think it's a problem that you should investigate, it's probably worth calling out your heating contractor. It may be something as simply as a belt or fan, but in some cases the entire motor should be replaced for adequate furnace repair.

Is it the Thermostat Clicking?

Another possible source of noise is frequent clicking from your thermostat. The clicking sound means that the thermostat is communicating with your HVAC system. If you hear clicking so often that it bothers you, there may be a problem with the programming of the thermostat or its connection with your furnace and HVAC.

Is the HVAC System Duct Work Broken?

If the noise is more of a rattling, it might be that your HVAC duct work is torn. This may be especially possible if the noise is isolated to one spot, and you know it's further away from your furnace or AC unit. An HVAC technician can come to your home and seal this crack and other parts of your ventilation system that are torn. An added bonus is that sealing these areas will help keep all of the heated and cooled air within your ventilation system so that you're efficiently cooling your home, rather than heating and cooling your home's crawl spaces.

Is There Something Caught in the Outdoor Unit?

Another type of noise could be concentrated in your outdoor AC unit. It's possible that there is a stick or rock caught in the machine. You might need to take the unit apart to inspect and remove a foreign object, which requires you to detach the power supply. It's probably best to leave the job to a professional when you need to start taking apart the unit.

These are only a few of the possible causes of noise within your HVAC unit. If you can pinpoint the noise source, that's great; otherwise, contact a cooling and heating repair contractor, like Sunbelt Service Pros, to inspect your furnace, AC, and HVAC systems to find the source of noise and correct it for you.