The Flat Side: Three Reasons You Should Be A Flat Rate Plumber

30 January 2017
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If you are opening up a plumbing business, before you start to take on customers, you will need to be able to set up a price list for your services. Plumbers often choose to give customers estimates after going to the job and viewing what needs to be done. Others will set up a flat rate per job or per hour. If you are interested in running your business in a simple manner, you should consider being a flat rate plumber.

No guesswork for customers

If customers call you out for a job, then elect to seek the quotes of other plumbers, this could cost you crucial business in your start up. Setting up flat rate costs for specific jobs will allow customers to make the quick decision as to whether or not they find the price appropriate. This means that all calls you get for work will be serious and without hesitation. Being able to be vetted by customers before even being hired is the perfect situation for a plumbing company. 

What you can pay your plumbers will be stable

Charging a stable amount for jobs means that what you can pay your plumbers per hour or per job will also be stable. Having economic stability is not just important to a business owner, but also important to its employees who depend on the company for a paycheck. When your business begins to grow and calls take off, you will still be able to run the books in the same simplistic manner. This means moving up from a small business to a large company becomes a simple matter of increasing calls, rather than more complicated matters of money. 

Transparency makes you trustworthy

One of the reasons why customers will shop around when it comes to plumbing and HVAC quotes is because of a lack of transparency. If you utilize flat rate quotes for everyone, customers do not feel taken advantage of and are able to have the quote explained. Since certain jobs will require the same tools all of the time and similar types of work, charging a flat rate is easily understandable and takes the guess work out of the total payment at the end of the job. Be sure to list your flat rate products and services on all of your advertisements so that these figures are on hand for those who come across the published advertisements.