Gas Furnace Not Working? 3 Things To Check Before Calling For Heating Services

28 February 2017
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Being stuck out in the cold is something that should never happen in your home, and keeping your gas furnace maintained is one way to keep that from happening. While gas-powered heaters are reliable, there is always the potential for something to go wrong when it is running nearly constantly to keep your home warm. Since time is of the essence when those temperatures are dropping, use these tips to see if there is a quick fix available before you call for heating services.

Change the Filter

Checking and replacing the air filter should be a part of your seasonal furnace maintenance, and it is best to replace it every one to three months while your system is running. However, heavy debris can still build up between those changes and cause your system to be unable to blow air efficiently. If a clogged filter is your problem, you should notice air blowing stronger out of your vents after it is changed. However, a unit that has automatically shut down due to a clogged filter probably overheated and needs to be serviced to make sure greater damage didn't occur.

Check the Thermostat

Thermostats are usually located in an easy-to-access space, which sometimes means that they get changed inadvertently. Give yours a quick check to make sure that it hasn't accidentally been set to cool, and try setting it to five degrees hotter to see if that causes your unit to kick on. If not, make sure that the batteries don't need replacement since that may be the problem if you have not heard your unit turn on at all.

Inspect the Vents

Discovering that one room is not getting warm air is usually a sign that something is obstructing the air flow from the vents. In rooms with floor vents, it could be something as simple as an item of clothing that has fallen on top of it. Alternatively, your ceiling vents may be closed. If the vents are open, then you may have a leak or crack in the duct work that will require a professional's expertise to repair.

While these quick checks might save you from having to call in the pros, it is important to understand that gas furnace repair is complicated due to the potential for natural gas to ignite. Always shut off the gas before doing any work on your actual unit, and leave the big stuff to the professionals who can help you get your house warm while keeping your family safe. To find out more, contact a business like Custom Comfort.