Preventative Maintenance For Your A/C You Don't Want To Skip This Spring

26 March 2018
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Spring has sprung, which means warmer air will soon be here. Of course you want to take advantage of the cool air and not have to use your air conditioner, but the time will come when you're going to want to use it. When the time comes, are you sure your system is going to work properly? If the answer was "I'm not sure", there's a few to-dos you need to take care of before it gets too hot outside. Read on for some preventative maintenance chores to get done now.

Check The Electrical Connections

Check to be sure your air conditioning connections are all connected properly and tightly. Your air conditioner should be plugged in, and also make sure that the fuse your unit is plugged into is switched on. If any of these were disconnected or switched off throughout winter, reconnect and switch on.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

The parts inside your air conditioner should be lubricated. Check your manufacturer's guide to see what should be lubricated and what should not. If you aren't sure how to do any of this, leave it to a professional A/C technician to perform this maintenance for you. If your system is not lubricated, the parts could wear out much faster, resulting in premature breakdowns and repairs.

Check That Your System Works

Turn the thermostat to "cool" and make sure your system turns on and then back off when the temperature is reached. You may need to make a few adjustments to the temperature before you hear the air conditioner turn on. If you don't hear it turning on after adjusting the temperature, there are a few things you can do.

Check the air filter to be sure it isn't clogged with dust and other debris. Change the air filter if it is clogged, or if you can't see any light filtering through it. Test the air conditioner again.

Check that you have refrigerant in your system. If you aren't sure how to do this, leave it to a professional instead.

Clean the condensing coils on the system. If they are clogged, air will not get through to your unit, which can prevent your system from turning on.

Clean the condensate drain. If it's clogged, which can happen if the air filter was clogged, you'll need to clean it out using a shop vacuum.

Don't want until it's too hot outside to test your air conditioner. Check it now in the spring and call a professional A/C technician if your system is not working as it should, so it can be repaired before the hot weather emerges.