3 Signs You Should Install Heat In Your Horse Barn

10 May 2018
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As you probably already know, many horses live outside or in unheated barns all year long. However, some people do choose to work with heating contractors to have heat installed in their stables. These are a few signs that this might be something for you to talk to a heating and air conditioning professional about.

1. You Live in a Very Cold Climate

If the winters in your area are usually pretty mild, then there might not be any need in installing a heating system. After all, the barn itself should help shield some of the cooler winter wind, so as long as temperatures don't dip too low. Then, your horses can still stay safe and comfortable, and the people who are there working or visiting the horses should be able to stay comfortable, as well. If you live in a very cold climate, however, the barn might still dip to very cold temperatures. By installing heating, you can help ensure that both the horses and people who are in the barn are able to stay comfortable and safe.

2. You've Had Problems with Your Plumbing

As you probably already know, plumbing problems can arise within a horse barn when the temperatures dip below freezing. You may have to worry about automatic waterers, sinks, tack room washing machines, and more all freezing up. Then, you might not be able to use the plumbing, and you could find yourself having to pay to replace busted pipes. By installing heating, you can help keep the temperatures in your barn at levels above freezing, which can help you prevent problems with plumbing.

3. You Keep Your Horses Clipped

Horses grow thick winter coats to help protect them during the winter months. If your horses have these thick coats, then they might not need the extra protection of a heated barn, since they may be able to stay comfortable and safe with just their winter coats. However, some people like to keep their horses clipped in the winter, such as those who show their horses. If this is the case, then keeping your horse nice and warm is important. You could use horse blankets to keep your horses warm, but these can sometimes be dangerous when horses aren't being supervised, since they can get a leg caught in the straps. Plus, they might not be as effective as a heated barn.

As you can see, there are various scenarios in which it's a good idea to install heat in your horse barn. If you work with an HVAC contractor who has experience in working with and offering heating services to equestrians like you, you can find out more about your barn heating options.