Things You Should Know About An HVAC System

19 June 2018
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It's important to have a good understanding of your HVAC system, how it works, what common issues are and when you should call out a tech. When you have a good understanding of these things, you will decrease your chances of finding yourself caught in the middle of some serious issues with regards to your system. Here are some of the basics of HVAC systems that can help you to have a better understanding of yours.

Start with the simple things when you are having issues – If you start to have issues with your HVAC system, you can try troubleshooting it yourself to make sure it isn't something simple you can take care of without assistance. Make sure the fuse hasn't blown, make sure everything is plugged in, turn off the system for a few hours to verify that it isn't frozen, and check to make sure all the registers are still open. If these things don't help, then you want to call out an HVAC tech to come take care of things.

Make sure you care for your system how you are supposed to – The best thing you can do to avoid having any issues with your heating and cooling system is to stay on top of its regular maintenance. Taking care of the system is easy and not something you want to neglect. The first thing to remember is the air filter must be kept clean. Otherwise, your electric bills are going to go sky high, and your unit is going to work more than it has to, putting added stress on it which can lead to early mechanical issues. 

Also, keep the area around the outside motor clear of things like weed growth and other debris. Try to put up a canopy or another source of shade for it if it is in direct sunlight. Otherwise, the system is going to have to work even harder when it comes to cooling down the air, and you want to avoid putting undue stress on it.

Don't take on repair tasks you shouldn't – Know your system's warranty before you go to work on any part of your system and make sure you know what you are doing. Otherwise, not only can you end up causing more damage, but you can also end up with a voided warranty, making you responsible for any and all future repairs to your system.

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