4 Winter AC Care Tips And Tricks To Prevent Problems When Summer Months Roll Around

9 December 2018
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While you have your home full of family for the holidays, maintenance of your AC during the summer months may seem a long time away. There are some maintenance tasks and tricks to do during the winter months to prevent problems when you get ready to start using your AC when summer arrives. Here are some winter AC care tips and tricks prevent problems when you need to start using your cooling when the weather gets hotter.

1. Avoid Mold and Mildew and Say No to Winter AC Covers This Year

Covering the AC unit outside of your home is something that can cause problems during the winter months. It is best not to use a cover for your AC, but instead only cover the top of the unit or do frequent maintenance and cleaning to prevent damage. Not using a cover for your AC unit will prevent damage to the unit that is caused by mold and mildew that begins to grow when moisture is trapped beneath a cover.

2. Winterizing Exposed Drain Lines and AC Components Before Winter

There are some components of your AC systems that are vulnerable to damage during the winter months and need to be winterized. These materials include drain lines that need to have the water cleared out of them and closed to prevent freeze damage. Protect exposed components by covering them with an insulative material during the winter months.

3. Protecting and Cleaning Your AC Unit During Winter Storms to Prevent Damage

As you now know, using a cover for your AC can cause problems and serious damage to your AC unit. Therefore, you want to make sure you clean your AC unit during winter weather that can cause a lot of damage to your system. There are other improvements that can be done to help, such as building a shed roof covering around the unit that allows for ventilation, protects it from the weather, and improves efficiency.

4. Repairing the Damage That Winter Weather Can Cause to Your AC Unit

Over the winter months, the damage to your HVAC system can happen inside and outside of your home. Outside of your home, the AC unit is the most exposed to damage, which is why you will want to have it inspected, serviced, and repairs done to it before the summer weather arrives and you need to use your cooling.

These are some tips to help with repairs and improvements that will help you with winter maintenance and be repaired to start using cooling when the warm summer months arrive. If you need help with maintenance or improvements this winter, contact an air conditioning repair service for help with some of these needs.