4 Reasons Why Your AC Unit May Be Blowing Warm Air

16 April 2019
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You may like your coffee warm and your bed warm when you go to sleep at night, but the last thing that you want is for your central air conditioning unit to be blowing warm air when you are trying to cool down. If your AC unit is starting to blow warmer and warmer air or if the air that is coming out of it just isn't cold, then you may need to call an air conditioning repair company. But, why might this be happening? This article will take a closer look at four specific reasons. 

Refrigerant Leak

Similar to how the air conditioner in your car needs some refrigerant fluid to help cool down the warm air, your central air conditioning unit also needs refrigerant to cool the air down. Sometimes, though, when there's a hole in one of the hoses, it can cause the refrigerant to leak out of it, which can cause warm air. Luckily, this can usually be repaired by just switching out the hose and replacing it. 

Dirty Air Filter and Air Ducts

If you have noticed that in addition to warm air coming through your vents the air also seems to be a little bit dirty as well, then you may have a dirty air filter. When was the last time you switched your air filter out? On average, it needs to be switched out every three to six months (depending on the type of filter that you have). When your filter is dirty, it makes it harder for cool air to get through your system, which is what may be causing it to blow warm air. 

Another thing to be on the lookout for is dirty air ducts. Your air ducts are the large metal tubes in your ceiling and floor that are designed to deliver air from your unit into your house. When there's dirt in there, it can cause a bunch of problems, including an inefficient unit.

Dirty Condenser Unit

One of the main components in your central air conditioner is a condenser unit. The condenser unit is what is responsible for pulling in warm air from outside and then cooling it down for your house on the inside. When there is a lot of dirt, dust, or debris on your condenser unit, it can make it really hard for cold air to come through your vents and into your house.