How To Deal With An Air Conditioner That Keeps Turning On And Off

2 September 2019
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An air conditioner that keeps turning on and off without getting the temperature in your home cooled down is not working correctly. The official name for the issue is short cycling, and this means that your system is not able to cool down your home and complete a cooling cycle. If you hear your system turn on and off and your home is still warm, the first step you can take is to check the air filters. Clogged air filters can cause your system to strain hard when it is trying to cool down your home and eventually overheat. When your system begins to overheat for any reason, it will eventually shut down.

If the Refrigerant Levels are Low

Your air conditioner can't cool down your home when refrigerant levels are low. A residential air conditioning contractor can check your refrigerant levels and fill up your system if necessary. Low refrigerant levels can make it difficult for your system to cool your home, and the system will begin to short cycle.

Finding Ice On Your Condenser Coils

Ice buildup can be a result of a poorly working blower fan that doesn't take condensation out of your air conditioner. The ice makes it difficult for your air conditioner to have enough air to work properly. You can shut off your air conditioner and let the ice melt completely. Ice buildup can cause your air conditioner to short cycle. If letting the ice melt doesn't solve your problem, you will need to call for residential air conditioning services to come and fix the problem.

Thermostat Settings and Your Air Conditioner

If you find that your air conditioner is only blowing warm air, make sure that your system is on cool and not on fan. When your system is turned to fan, it may appear to be short cycling when it's not. When your system is on cool but your home remains warm, you may need to have a new thermostat installed. If your thermostat is turned down low enough and you are set to cool, your system needs a repair if your home remains warm.

You may have an electrical problem that is causing your air conditioner to turn on and off. If you aren't getting any cool air, residential air conditioning services can help. I f the problem persists after you change the air filters and let condenser ice melt, call a residential air conditioning service for help.