What Happens If You Ignore Your Yearly Furnace Check-Up?

16 October 2019
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Life happens. With all of the chores that come with being a homeowner and an adult with a busy life, it's easy to let one or two essential bits of home maintenance slide. It's also easy to forget about your furnace, which remains out of sight and out of mind when it isn't pumping warm throughout your house during the chilly winter months.

While most modern heaters can last for well over a decade, they still require some TLC from time to time. One of the most crucial things that you can do for your furnace is to schedule annual maintenance and cleaning check-ups with a professional HVAC contractor, but what happens if you ignore this yearly ritual?

Your Utility Bills Will Likely Be Higher

One of the critical parts of a regular furnace inspection is an examination of your filter and other components that can affect your airflow and the overall operating efficiency of your furnace. Even if you routinely replace your filter on your own, it's still essential to have a technician look into the maintenance status of your furnace regularly. Not only will the technician be able to catch any small problems that might be causing your furnace to run poorly, but they will also be able to give you advice for heating your home more efficiently based on the condition of your heating equipment.

You Might Have to Pay for Avoidable Repairs

Few problems with furnaces truly appear out of the blue. Instead, there are often early warning signs that are easy to miss if you are not a trained professional. For example, a furnace that is overheating due to restricted airflow or other issues is likely to crack its heat exchanger eventually. A cracked heat exchanger is an incredibly expensive problem to fix, and often homeowners end up replacing their furnace altogether once it happens. A technician can spot early signs of trouble so that you can deal with the underlying causes before they lead to a total loss of heat and expensive repairs.

You're Potentially Putting Your Home in Danger

Modern furnaces are incredibly safe, but gas furnaces still make use of combustion to heat your home. This form of heating means that they potentially pose risks for gas leaks, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks. None of these issues should be a concern under normal circumstances, but an annual inspection will help to guarantee that your furnace is running safely. If your technician does find a problem, however, they can help you to understand what has gone wrong, how to fix it, and how to avoid the same problem in the future.

For more information, contact a heating maintenance service in your area.