4 Questions To Ask Your HVAC Technician Before Your Installation Commences

15 January 2020
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Getting a new furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC equipment can make your home so much more comfortable and can also improve your energy efficiency. It sounds simple enough. Your HVAC contractor will take the old equipment out and put new equipment in its place. However, things can sometimes get a little more complicated than that, so it's helpful to ask your contractor these questions before the installation begins.

1. Does the thermostat need to be moved?

Sometimes the current location for your thermostat is not the best location. The old homeowners may have had it placed near a window or on an exterior wall, where it does not register the temperature properly. Your HVAC contractor may want to move it to a new location to improve accuracy and efficiency. Asking about this prompts a conversation, so you can have some input as to where the thermostat goes. You and your contractor can work together to choose the ideal location on an interior wall, away from windows and vents.

2. What does the warranty include?

Almost all new HVAC equipment comes with a warranty that will pay for parts and labor if anything breaks. But does your HVAC contractor also offer a warranty or guarantee on their installation work? For example, if you later find they made a mistake during installation, will they come correct it free of charge? Make sure you have a full understanding of what is and is not covered under a warranty before the installation begins.

3. How long will the process take?

HVAC installation can usually be completed within a day, but this is not always the case. Sometimes two days are needed. If your contractor needs to move ducts or add a vent, the process may take even longer. Get a good idea of how long the entire project will take so you're not surprised when day three arrives and your HVAC installation team is still working.

4. Will you need to amend any walls or ceilings?

Sometimes installing a new furnace or AC unit requires that the contractor poke a hole through a wall or ceiling for a new vent pipe. The contractor really should tell you about this need at the onset, but it does not hurt to ask just in case this gets overlooked. This way, any holes in your home won't come as a surprise.

By asking these questions, you help smooth out and streamline the HVAC installation process.