Information About Common Boiler Repair Issues New Homeowners May Face

26 March 2020
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While the majority of homes built today are designed with some type of furnace-based central heating system, many existing homes are still equipped with boiler systems. These systems can be powered by electricity, heating oil, propane, or natural gas and are highly regarded for their ability to produce gentle, even heat. 

As the temperature of the water rises inside the boiler, a system of radiators moves either steam or hot water throughout the living spaces of the home to heat them to a comfortable temperature. If you are a homeowner who has recently purchased a home equipped with boiler heat and you are now wondering what types of common repair issues you might face, this information can help bring you up to speed. 

Radiator issues 

The radiators used to move heated water or steam from a boiler heating system can become clogged with rust or mineral deposits. When this occurs, homeowners may notice that areas of the home are no longer being heating to a comfortable level.

In addition to the formation of clogs, radiators used in boiler heating systems may develop leaks, especially if the system is an older one. When small leaks develop, homeowners may hear hissing or sputtering noises or find moisture or puddled water on the floor in the area of the leak. 

Boiler leaks

A leaking boiler component is another common repair issues that homeowners with boiler heating systems may face. In many cases, boiler leaks are caused by worn, broken, or loose parts or connections inside the boiler.

In addition, improperly tightened connections can occur near the boiler capable of causing leaks ranging from barely visible drips to large flows of water.

Pressure issues

A boiler heating system relies on pressure inside the system to move the heated water or steam throughout the home. Homeowners should be alert for signs that their boiler heating system is creating either too much or too little pressure.

When the pressure moves into a range that is beyond the safe operating range, the boiler heating system is designed to shut down or go into lockout mode. If this occurs, most systems have a reset button that allows them to be restarted once the pressure has reduced to a safe level. 

Boiler heating systems that begin to experience low-pressure situations may be experiencing an undetected water leak or a problem with the expansion tank.

Homeowners who notice these or other issues with their boiler heating system should contact a reputable heating system repair contractor to arrange repairs.

For more information, contact a boiler repair service in your area.