Factors To Consider When Purchasing A New Water Heater

7 April 2021
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A new water heater is a great addition to your home heating appliances. Your water heater should provide high-performance, reliability, and quick heating solutions to your family. You may choose from a wide range of water heater models available today to meet your needs. If you need a reliable water heater that adds comfort to your home, consider these factors before purchase.

Energy Efficiency

Your water heater installation will consume some energy no matter the type of fuel you choose. You may look for a new water heating unit that's efficient enough to help you save some money on your energy bill. Luckily, the latest water heaters have features that make them more energy-efficient than the older versions. Most current units have the Energy Factor (EF) rating as a measure of their energy efficiency. The higher the EF, the more efficient the unit.

Fuel Type

Most residential water heaters need electricity or gas as their main source of fuel. Therefore, confirm which fuel type is suitable for your ideal choice of a water heater with the source of fuel in your home. Gas-fired models use either propane or natural gas, so make sure you settle for the right one. Generally, gas water heaters need special ventilation for safety. Also, they have higher upfront costs, which they offset thanks to their lower operating costs. Even though electric models come with smaller up-front costs, their opening costs are relatively higher. Compare the two fuel sources with what your home uses to decide on the most appropriate model.

Storage Capacity

Choose a new water heater that can efficiently serve your whole family. Therefore, consider the storage capacity to know how many gallons your unit holds. If you select a storage tank-heater, look for the gallons-per-minute and the first-hour ratings. Both ratings will help you work out how fast your unit can heat and deliver water at a given time. Alternatively, you may consider the on-demand water heater to save space in your house. The on-demand units don't hold any water, although they have the gallons-per-minute ratings to indicate the amount of flow they can deliver in a minute. You may also combine the storage tank unit and on-demand unit to increase the flow rate. 

Your water heater installation is a worthy investment if you consider the factors mentioned above. Get additional recommendations from professionals to ensure your water heater choice, overall installation, and boiler repair costs are cost-effective.