2 Ways To Find The Leak In Your Plumbing

19 November 2019
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If you have a leak in your plumbing, it can end up costing you a whole lot of money. All that water running out of your system can mean that you are paying more money to the water department, plus you have to repair whatever damage happens from the leak. The problem is finding the leak. Water is tricky, and it can be really hard to find the precise area where the leak is because water will move, so you may have a leak at Point A, but you don't see the water until it shows up at Point B, 10 feet away. Read More 

What Happens If You Ignore Your Yearly Furnace Check-Up?

16 October 2019
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Life happens. With all of the chores that come with being a homeowner and an adult with a busy life, it's easy to let one or two essential bits of home maintenance slide. It's also easy to forget about your furnace, which remains out of sight and out of mind when it isn't pumping warm throughout your house during the chilly winter months. While most modern heaters can last for well over a decade, they still require some TLC from time to time. Read More 

How To Deal With An Air Conditioner That Keeps Turning On And Off

2 September 2019
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An air conditioner that keeps turning on and off without getting the temperature in your home cooled down is not working correctly. The official name for the issue is short cycling, and this means that your system is not able to cool down your home and complete a cooling cycle. If you hear your system turn on and off and your home is still warm, the first step you can take is to check the air filters. Read More 

The Importance Of Getting Your AC Unit Repaired Right Away

26 July 2019
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If you have a central air conditioning unit that is starting to have some trouble, you will want to call for professional ac repair services right away. While it might be tempting to try to hold off for as long as possible in an attempt to save money. The thing is, though, that this is not something that you want to put off. You may need AC repair right away. Here's why: Read More 

How To Test The Pressure Valve On Your Water Heater And When To Have It Replaced

24 June 2019
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When you have your water heater serviced, one thing the plumber may do is check the safety valve on the tank. This valve should always be operational so pressure can bleed off. This is a safety measure that keeps the tank from rupturing or exploding. You should also check the valve occasionally to make sure it's working and call a plumber to replace the valve when it's damaged or broken. Here are some things to know about the pressure valve on your hot water heater. Read More