2 Reasons To Replace Your Furnace With A New Model

13 July 2020
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If your furnace is requiring more and more frequent repairs or simply isn't heating like it should, it may be time to replace it. Upgrading your furnace to a more recent model allows you to take advantage of the improvements that modern technology has brought to home heating. Here are two reasons to consider replacing your furnace with a new model.  1. Higher Energy Efficiency The efficiency of a furnace is rated using a metric known as Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, or AFUE. Read More 

3 Summer Repairs For Your Furnace

28 May 2020
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Furnaces work hard during the winter months. Parts can wear out and your furnace can get rundown under the pressure of a winter workload. Summer presents the perfect time to make repairs that are needed to prepare your furnace for the next winter season. You won't have to worry about rushing through the repair process since most households don't run their furnace during the summer. This makes the summer months a great time to invest the time and attention your furnace needs to run efficiently in the future. Read More 

Installing Air Conditioning In Your Room Or Addition

30 April 2020
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Installing air conditioning in your new room or addition many be easier than you think. If you have air conditioning in your home already, there are several options that you air conditioning service may use to add it.  Adding Duct Work For homes that already have air conditioning in them, installing air conditioning in an additional room often means adding additional ductwork from the current system to the new room. If your air conditioning ducts run through the ceiling, the AC tech might be able to run some new flexible ductwork from the mainline to the new room through the attic space. Read More 

Information About Common Boiler Repair Issues New Homeowners May Face

26 March 2020
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While the majority of homes built today are designed with some type of furnace-based central heating system, many existing homes are still equipped with boiler systems. These systems can be powered by electricity, heating oil, propane, or natural gas and are highly regarded for their ability to produce gentle, even heat.  As the temperature of the water rises inside the boiler, a system of radiators moves either steam or hot water throughout the living spaces of the home to heat them to a comfortable temperature. Read More 

A Guide To Getting The Best Heating Oil Services To Make It Through The Winter

24 February 2020
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The global home heating market was valued at over $33 billion in 2018, and there is no reason to believe that it will shrink or slow down any time soon. When winter rolls around, people in many different communities start reaching out to home heating professionals to handle any number of jobs. However, it is important that you recognize that it's the heating oil that makes a difference in most cases -- especially if you live somewhere that has freezing winters that necessitate running your heater all day, every day. Read More